"I just wanted to tell you that the white bean vegetarian soup you had at the market this summer (that I loved then and recently defrosted and loved again) is my favorite. If you make it, I will buy 6 pints myself!"— David B., New Haven

"I gave my stepdaughter and son-in-law 3/4 of the two barrels of the Tony D's gumbo I purchased last week. They raved about it. (I'll refrain from saying "It 'bowled' them over." I mean, how many times can I use that line?)"— Tony D., Branford (ok, maybe he's a little biased since the soup was named for him)

"If loving every soup I have ever tried is wrong then I don't want to be right"—
Jose P., New Haven

"We relocated from San Francisco to New Haven 3 weeks ago (I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area for 46 years). Our biggest challenge with our move has been in finding great fresh-tasting food. In California we have great produce and grass fed proteins. Last week I found your stand at the Church Street Market and bought the chick-pea salad which was great - this week I found the Curry Carrot soup - yeah!! Finally something that tastes familiar and fresh. Thank you so much for creating great fresh-tasting products. I think you will be a weekly pleasure for me! Also, great to hear you deliver. One very happy, delighted, ecstatic customer"— Ann P., New Haven

"Your Apricot Lentil Soup changed my life"— Margot, New Haven

"When you write your first cookbook can you please make sure to put in your Mushroom Soup recipe. Please? Please? Pretty Please?"—Alyson S., North Haven

"I purchased your roasted beet bisque at the State Street Farmer's Market and made my way home. I poured half the container into a bowl with all intentions of saving the other half for another beet lover. That soup, no you can't call it soup, it was chilled earthy sweet creamy love, was so fantastic I immediately went back into the kitchen and ate the rest of the bisque. I just couldn't share this... It was THAT good!" — Johnathan L., New Haven

"We must tell you that last Thursday your delicious vegetable soup disappeared within 15 minutes of picking it up—GONE!!! Hopefully this week's order will last a bit longer, but probably not..."— Irene S., Hamden

"Thursdays will never be the same now that we've had our first office 'group soup'. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."—Melanie L., New Haven

"Had to write immediately. Your lemon bars are divine. I am very particular about them and I'm almost always disappointed. My search is over. Yours are perfect. Exactly the right combination of sweet and tart, and delicious filling to crust."— Joan L., New Haven

"I am definitely not a vegetarian, but I continue to try a lot of your vegetarian soups and have not been disappointed yet. Every week I try a flavor that I have never tried before and end up very happy that I did."—Shane A., New Haven

"I think I might be addicted to your Curried Carrot Soup. Can you offer a support group for the days when I can't get it?"—Anonymous, Hamden

"Best soup on this side of the Missisippi"— Brian C., Hamden

"I'm loving the order & freeze ease of the Soup Girl!!" —Monique D.

"That was the BEST Hot and Sour soup! If I could only eat one thing— that would be it! YUM!"—Andrea F., Hamden

"I will NEVER doubt you again. I just had the Hamden Seafood Chowder and it was fabulous, just fabulous." —Maria M., Quinnipiac University